COVID-19 Front Line Fighting Parents Face Custody Challenges

Those fighting on the front lines are now faced with additional challenges – custody of their children. Because medical providers, firefighters, and other essential workers are exposed to COVID-19 more than anyone else, they are now getting denied parental access to their children.
Unfortunately, there is not enough guidance from the courts in NYS regarding custody during the global pandemic, and the only hope is that parents will be reasonable.
Co-parenting is easy for parents who get along well but is challenging for those who feel animosity towards each other during normal times. Now, in the times of social distancing and the quarantine in NY, co-parenting for them becomes hell.
I receive a lot of phone calls from my current and potential clients who face issues regarding parenting time. In many cases, parents experience sincere concerns about the potential exposure of their children and other family members to the virus. Others, however, take advantage of the situation and deny parental access unreasonably.
For parents who are essential workers and get exposed to COVID-19, remaining with their children becomes even more problematic. Such parents now face a dilemma of whether they go to work to treat COVID-19 patients thus subjecting themselves and their children to the risk of contracting the virus or remain at home with the children.
Emergency custody and visitation petitions are starting to flood the NYC courts now. NY Times published a great article about custody challenges parents face nowadays. To read the article follow this link.
The courts are working really hard today, but the sad reality is that they are still not equipped enough to address such unprecedented custody issues in a prompt way. There is still no guidance in NYC Courts regarding parenting time during the pandemic. 
I had a telephone conference with one of the Supreme Court Judge’s Court Attorneys, who in response to an issue my client is facing stated: “We are not COVID-19 police”. And I do not blame the court for such a response!
We are all living through difficult times and all I am asking parents nowadays is to try to be reasonable and understanding.
Stay Safe Everyone and Let’s Support our Front Fighters!
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