COVID -19 – New York Court System – Administrative Order – Discovery

Rudyuk Law Fim will continue to update you on new developments and information in light of COVID-19 pandemic which affects divorce litigation and family law procedures in NYC.

Last evening, New York State Unified Court System Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks issued an administrative order outlining additional steps the court system is taking to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“Effective immediately, the prosecution of any pending civil matters including any discovery that would require in-person appearances or travel is strongly discouraged.

Also effective immediately, if attorneys or others in civil litigation are unable to meet discovery or other deadlines due to the coronavirus emergency, the parties are urged to work together to postpone proceedings for up to 90 days. If an agreement is not reached, the courts will review the matter at a later date. Participants in civil litigation will not be subject to a penalty if they are unable to meet discovery deadlines”.

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