Employee Stock and Restricted Stock Options -How to Uncover the Hidden Assets

During the Pandemic, more companies are offering employees stock options and other stock awards instead of regular compensation. Such assets are not easy to uncover during a divorce process. There are certain things you can do to find out whether your spouse is hiding an employer stock plan and ensuring that you receive an equitable distribution of those assets.

It is essential to retain a divorce lawyer in NYC to help you find the hidden assets of your spouse and an expert to perform a financial analysis of them.

The following documents will help you determine whether your spouse has stock options or restricted stock options awards from his employer.

  1. Plan document and summary plan description, including the stock option or restricted stock plan document and all amendments.
  2. Award letter or email, telling when stock options or restricted stock were granted to the employee.
  3. Schedule of grants, including grant date, the number granted, and vesting period. You will also want to ask for the strike price and expiration date for stock options.
  4. Annual statement of employee benefits.
  5. Transaction history of past exercises.
  6. Employment offer letter and employment contract.
  7. Employee manual

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